Frequently Asked Questions

How are your prints produced and how long will a print last?

Prints are produced using the latest print technology.  They are run on a Canon 8-colour ink system producing a dynamic colour range and the inclusion of grey helps to create smooth tonal gradations and reduce graininess delivering a crisp monotone print.

Other features of this process include higher levels of scratch resistance, lightfastness up to 120 years, a twin print head with 4pl ink droplets producing an incredible 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution.

Art posters are printed on Chromajet Hi-res 240 premium quality paper.  This paper's wide range of compatibility highlights the colours and fine lines of all artwork and along with the high whiteness and extremely high ink absorption, results in a superior finished print.

How accurate are the ship and other posters?

I spend an enormous amount of time gathering reference material for each illustration.  In the case of the naval vessels I purchased construction plans of the ships and combined these with photographs taken of the ships in service to build up the illustration.  Due to the nature of war, ships were constantly upgraded and so each illustration is as close as possible to its original design.

In the case of the Ocean liners it is difficult to find usable construction drawings and photographs particularly of the Titanic so you have to make some assumptions in order to produce an illustration that is true to the original and a visually pleasing piece of art.  In the case of the Lusitania it changed its colour scheme between fit-out and its first voyage.  It also had additional life boats added during its career; therefore I have based this illustration on the Lusitania‚Äôs first passage to New York.

With the locomotives I have combined construction diagrams and photos of relevant units to build up the artwork.  

In all cases, much as I do enjoy illustrationing details, it must be remembered that these are works of art, not photographs and therefore are always subject to some artistic licence.

How do I pay for my Prints?

You can pay using direct debit.  

Direct Debit Account Details:-

Acc Name: Colin R Harvey,  

BSB: 734-604,  

Acc No: 672089

NOTE:  When ordering please send a copy of your order to to ensure it can be actioned as quickly as possible.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We use Australia Post for delivery.  Postal times are approximate so please use the following as a guide only.

Within Australia up to 14 working days.

UK, Europe and USA up to 21 working days.

(Non working days are Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays).
Unfortunately while every care is taken in mailing your package, on occasions due to circumstances beyond our control, delivery may be delayed beyond the times stated above.

All unframed artwork is mailed in rigid shock resistant, weather proof tubes to ensure your purchase is protected during delivery.

If you have any questions about your order please email us at

Are postage costs included in the purchase price?

No, Within Australia you need to add $20.00 postage and handling.

To UK & Europe: $25.00

To USA: $25.00

Note: prices are in AUS Dollars.

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