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Some years ago while visiting my wife’s parents in Oldham, I stumbled across the Huddersfield canal and have been enchanted by the canals and the vessels that sail on them ever since.

Coupled with my fascination for old travel poster art, I decided to bring these two elements together in a series of canal poster art that I could hang on my wall to remind me of those wonderful waterways. 

This website is the result.

Since then additions to the site have tended to be as a result of what interests me at the time, so consistency isn't one of my strengths.

For example, I decided to produce a series of R.A.N ships to honour the memory of my father (Frank was a Stoker on HMAS Stuart during WW2) and all those who have served in the Royal Australian Navy.  Each illustration is based on the ship's construction drawings and original photographs and is faithful to a particular point in time of the ship's life.

The grand old ocean liners and the Titanic in particular have enchanted me for years and so I decided to produce a series of the ‘Great Ocean Liners of the World’ for my own amusement.  As with the navy illustrations there is an immense amount of time and effort spent in sourcing original material in order to ensure each illustration is as accurate as possible.  

Not content with ship illustrations I have also added a series of Victorian Railways Locomotives and for something completely different, a Japanese themed screen of 'dancing white cranes.'

A move to Currumbin on the Gold Coast has prompted a series of local bird and location prints. 

Please enjoy your visit to my website and come back soon.

If you would like to discuss any of the options mentioned above, please feel free to contact me...

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